Curve Sessions 2010 – 2012

Working within the internationally renowned Curve theatre and incorporating elements of craft, theatre and singing these sessions were bursting with creativity and energy. Those who took part benefited from the positive emotional health and promotion of well-being that group singing brings. There were three groups of themed weekly sessions. In ‘Time Travellers’ we created a time machine and composed songs based upon characters we’d met using the contraption whether that be friendly Caveman Dave through to Silent Sue from the 1920s. The focus of ‘Stage Spectacular’ was a journey through the golden era of musicals from the Lion King, Singing in the Rain through to Mary Poppins. We met characters who were affiliated with the stars of the shows. Lastly ‘Musical Mayhem’ was a journey through the decades of pop starting in the 30s and working our way through to the present day. Along the way we met a series of musicians who each represented a decade in popular music.