The Singing Project 2015 – Present

Funded by LSMS and the Leicester City Virtual School Team The Singing Project is a partnership project which continues to embed singing into the lives of foster children by ensuring the adults who care for and teach them are equipped to use singing to improve emotional health and get ready for learning. The Singing Project works with class teachers to impart knowledge about how singing can really make a difference in the classroom. Whole class singing sessions are delivered in partnership with LSMS to introduce the teacher and students to 10 songs specifically chosen to improve self regulation, ability to deal with high levels of stress, reading emotions and body language. These are key areas which our Looked After Learners may find challenging in a classroom situation. We support the class teachers to build their own confidence singing in a whole class setting and with small groups, something that is often found to be difficult and avoided if you are not a natural confident singer. Evaluation of the project so far has been incredibly positive from teachers, support staff, foster carers and social workers and we look forward to sharing a detailed evaluation shortly.